September 24, 2024

Virtual 24-Hour Live Stream

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Join us on September 24th to explore all that is possible to build and secure with Auth0 by Okta.

Live and on-demand sessions along with hand-on labs that match your interests to learn about the latest and greatest in Identity.

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Join thousands of developers around the world who are tuning in to learn from Auth0 engineers, product managers, and developer advocates.

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Adam HousmanDirector, Product Management
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Amin AbbaspourProduct Architect
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Carla UrreaSenior Developer Advocate
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Carlos MostekEnterprise Architect
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Ceora FordDeveloper Advocate
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Dennis HenryDirector, Engineering
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Ela DziedzicSoftware Engineer
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Ian HassardSenior Director, Product
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Mark VongSenior Solutions Engineer
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Michael SwansonSenior Product Manager
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Miguel PedregosaSoftware Engineer
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Milan KhanSenior Product Manager
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Nandita KrishnanManager, Engineering
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Pablo TerradillosManager, Engineering
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Peter FernandezPrincipal Developer Advocate
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Ramona SchweringDeveloper Advocate, International
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Reed BransonManager, Engineering
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Rita ZerrizuelaStaff Engineer
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Sam BellenPrincipal Developer Advocate Engineer
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Semona IgamaDeveloper Advocate
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Shawn MeyerSenior Director, Engineering
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Shreya GuptaDeveloper Advocate
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Sofia ProsperSenior Developer Advocate
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Sonia MonteroSenior Engineer
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Tim CappalliSenior Architect
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Tomas SoukupPrincipal Software Architect
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Tyler NixProduct Manager
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Will JohnsonSenior Developer Advocate

Gain expert insights across a wide array of identity topics that will help you take the security of your apps to the next level.

Fine-Grained Authorization (FGA)

Evolve authorization decision-making with a hands-on fine-grained approach. Take authorization to the next level and ensure that users see and do only what they’re supposed to in your applications. Learn how to migrate from RBAC to ReBAC, write your first OpenFGA model, and use it in a demo app.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

If you're building a B2B application, you won't want to miss our sessions on all things SaaS! We'll cover what you need to consider when building your implementation, and, using a real-world B2B SaaS application, we'll show you why integrating with Auth0 should be your first choice. In fact, even if you're not building for B2B, we'll show you how you can leverage SaaS features in Auth0 as part of your B2C application, too.


Learn about the latest passwordless technology: passkeys. Passwords have been around for a long time but it’s time to leave them in the past! so join us to learn about the evolution of passwordless technologies, how we got where we are now and get hands on with a practical use on passkeys management.


In this pair of sessions, you'll learn different ways to customize Auth0 for your specific use-cases and how to leverage Auth0 Actions for new use cases. Discover how to create a bespoke login experience with Forms for Actions. Together, we'll walk through how to build custom multi-factor authentication and use Forms to add progressive profiling.

Universal Logout

Learn how to implement a new OAuth endpoint that's ideal for managing enterprise security threat scenarios such as a user signed in from a known stolen device. Built on the Global Token Revocation spec, Universal Logout (Workforce Identity, Early Access) lets enterprise admins use their identity providers to end a user's session ASAP using this endpoint.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is the newest trend in tech. AI tooling has drastically changed the way we work and how we see code. New products and companies are emerging every day with AI at the forefront. Yet, we rarely hear anything about how to keep AI apps secure. This track will remedy that need with sessions.

Interactive Experiences

DevDay isn't just about learning, it's also about having fun and building connections. To keep our virtual event lively and engaging, we've lined up a series of interactive games and activities. These sessions will provide a break from the technical deep dives while fostering networking and a sense of community.


Join us virtually on September 24th to explore all that is possible to build with Auth0.

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